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Powering Data in the HVAC, Building, and Environmental Sectors.

Modular solutions spanning BIM, EPREL, regulatory compliance and product information management.

Our solutions

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Harmonization of HVAC product characteristics through Product committees and multi-mapping

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Supplier portal for product data management by context with automatic quality checking

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Export services through multi-formats to other databases, plugins and websites


Thanks to ProdBIM, we've had the opportunity to harmonize our Eurovent Certified products in a single and user-friendly hub, allowing us to perform EPREL declarations smoothly and efficiently. ProdBIM capabilities, combined with fast onboarding, quality training, and the attentive support from the team, all represent important benefits in our digitalization journey. What also stands out with ProdBIM is the versatility of the platform, which can be used for multiple purposes also beyond EPREL, increasing market exposure through data and BIM publications.

We are extremely excited to collaborate with Eurovent Certita Certification, Prodbim, and Bim&Co . This strategic alliance not only allows us to showcase our expertise and high-quality products, but also reinforces our commitment to more efficient and transparent product data management." Süleyman Kavas - Marketing and Business Development Manager at Üntes

Partnering with ProdBIM has significantly simplified our product data management at AERMEC. Their platform makes EPREL declarations straightforward, saving us time and effort, the user-friendly interface has streamlined our processes, allowing us to manage Eurovent Certified products with ease. Their team supported us with reliability and promptness, making our digitalization journey extremely smooth.