Mission statement

PRODBIM's purpose is to act as a bridge between manufacturers' inhouse databases and market applications. We cover several domains such as BIM, Regulatory compliance and Specific database. As part of Eurovent, we focus our efforts to support manufacturers through their journey to digitalization.

We would be happy to discuss our vision and involvement with you; we always welcome feedback from construction industry stakeholders and other players. We are convinced that collaboration around OpenBIM is the best way to bring full benefits from product data uses.

New website

PRODBIM new website is one of the many publication channels we want to provide to market. This platform will support designers/ engineers to find product that match with their project’s requirement then downloading convenient formats.

new website

Don’t hesitate to ask for early access, we would be happy to share more information about that project.

EPREL Service

EPREL stands for European Product Registry for Energy Labelling. This application is based on a regulation, active from 1st of January 2019 (1st of March 2021 for “New wave” product groups).
We propose a service package to support manufacturers to get compliant from A to Z:

Services included in EPREL offer

You want to learn more about EPREL and our services
Frequent asked questions: Which of my products fall under Energy Labelling delegated acts? What are the precise requirements from EPREL? How to declare several products with a bulk upload? Etc.

We will be happy to answer to your questions, analyse your situation and find solutions that will save you time and efforts.


PRODBIM is an initiative driven by Eurovent Services Company.
PRODBIM relies alos on several key knowledge partners :

PRODBIM is involved in multiple organizations to support our ecosystem development